Making your event an occasion.

Soundworks is a full-service events company based in Barcelona which works extensively with corporate and private clients throughout Spain and Europe. The company has extensive experience in organising and setting up all types of events from international product launches to large scale private parties. Soundworks offers a personal service tailored to the specific needs of any event. Whatever the requirements our services will be provided and performed both professionally and efficiently. 

delivers full audiovisual services,

Lighting transforms space.

Lights can bring a large area to life or draw everyone’s attention to a single spot. Soundworks will supply the advice and lighting to create the right look for any venue.

Projections give character.

Visuals set the mood for a party giving it personality and life. They add the depth and detail to a speech to allow it to fully engage the audience.

Sound defines.

Every event is unique and achieving the right sound for it requires filling the venue with the appropriate depth, clarity and, volume of sound.Soundworks has a range of PA systems to precisely meet these needs.

music and

Music brings an event to life.

DJs set the tone and tempo for an event. They need to know when to be unobtrusive and easy-going and when to fill the dancefloor. Understanding and adapting to the mood and needs of a room of often very different people is something that requires both skill and experience.

Music brings an event to life.

Lo planificaremos juntos para asegurar que el evento tiene la banda sonora perfecta y un DJ experimentado que lo haga memorable para todos los invitados.

Live music gives style.

A live band makes an event distinctive and gives it a vibrancy and sound of all its own. Soundworks can provide musicians to enhance any event.


Entertainers engage.

Actors and musicians bring the intimacy and personal touch to captivate and distract guests. Soundworks can supply entertainers to add the seriousness or lightness that will help enrich an event.

stages and

A stage makes it a performance.

A stage makes it a performance.Soundworks provides all types of stages and platforms. Our staff will ensure that it is built and disassembled quickly and with the minimal amount of disruption..

decorative lighting,

decorative lighting make it personal.

Decorations are the final little touches that make an event feel extra special. We can help you make your event look unique.

making your event an occasion.